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The Way of the Green Witch is an eclectic community, including pagans, witches and Wiccans. We hold beliefs encompassing an earth-centred spirituality together with a deep awareness of nature yet each member follows a personal spiritual path. We enjoy sharing friendly, varied and interesting discussions on a wide range of pagan subjects. Please be welcome and join us.

Byzant Mystical
A Treasure Trove of Information

The Cauldron
A Pagan Forum

Joelle's Sacred Grove
Celtic and Wiccan Information

The Cartomancy Forum
Divination with cards and all card lovers

The Pagan's Path
SpringWolf's Spiritual Education Network

School of the Seasons
Align yourself with the rhythms of the Earth

Susun Weed
Herbal medicine and spirit healing the Wise Woman Way

Goth's pagan board

Whispering Mists
Lake Wytch's board

Magical Meanderings
Mystic Merlyn's board

Galdraheim Coven
British Traditional (Alexandrian Tradition) Wicca

PaganPages Ezine

The Way of the Green Witch

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